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Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness meditation is a powerful practice for developing clarity and for growth. Shown to support a range of health and wellbeing outcomes, mindfulness meditation is a highly accessible tool which many find empowering and useful in all aspects of life.

For organisations interested in offering their people an opportunity to learn about mindfulness meditation, please enquire about my trainings which include:


Introduction to mindfulness meditation

​Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, the benefits it can bring and practical ways to incorporate mindfulness meditation into your life. This training will offer teachings, guided meditations and an opportunity for questions and group discussion.

Offered as 6 x 1 hour sessions online or 2 x half day sessions in person. Other options available, contact me to discuss.


Short talks on mindfulness meditation

I offer a range of short talks on mindfulness meditation suitable for team meetings, leadership retreats, off-site strategy days or wellbeing events. The talks include a short guided meditation. Topics include:

            Mindfulness Meditation: What's all the fuss?

            Finding Space in your Life through Mindfulness Meditation

            I Can't Meditate Because My Brain is Too Busy

            Mindfulness and Managing

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