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Rachael offers coaching that is led by the needs and challenges identified by her clients, providing a supportive space for bringing attention to what is most important and collaboratively exploring pathways and opportunities for achieving positive outcomes and growth.


Coaching is a highly useful practice and process for gaining insight into, and deepening understanding of, self and others. Coaching can assist in gaining clarity about how to move forward in a way that is purposeful and constructive.

Rachael offers individual, group and team coaching. Rachael's clients have included leaders, managers, people navigating career pathways and parties in conflict. Her coaching often draws on her deep experience and expertise in the following areas:

- navigating organisational and regulatory complexity

- managing complex people issues

- workplace conflict

- transition to leadership

- teams at an impasse

-facilitating better collaborative outcomes through understanding and connection

- resolving relational challenges with wisdom, skill and compassion.

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