Building connected and productive workplaces

Whenever two or more people come together to work on something, anything, a culture is created. Often this is unidentified and unspoken - based on legacies, power structures, biases, preferences.


Sometimes it is easy, effortless, inspiring. Sometimes it is a disaster.


Often it is something in between - until a challenge arises when that unspoken culture is really tested.  

Rachael's work prioritises human connection, even in the most challenging workplace situations. So that we can be purposeful about the culture we create every day, through every interaction. And so that we can all stop butting heads and actually get stuff done.

Rachael utilises her broad range of skills in coaching, training, facilitation and general consulting to assist leaders, individuals, HR professionals, managers and their teams in building positive, respectful and productive workplaces. Her work draws on her experience in senior management roles across diverse industries, her keen insight into the operation of large, complex organisations and a deep knowledge of workplace law and complex people issues. 

Providing an objective and considered sounding board for an issue, problem or opportunity.
Rachael Brady
Engaging and interactive workshops designed to support managers, teams and HR/ER professionals
Providing independent facilitation for your organisation's negotiations, meetings or workshops 
Working with leaders, managers and teams to proactively address challenges and make the most of opportunities
Delivering a proactive approach to resolving workplace conflict to restore healthy workplace relationships